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NaBloPoMo February 2014

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Snow Bust? 

This is the snow totals as of 11PM:

So we can call the storm a bust?  Maybe it looks more impressive with a  little Google Awesome action: 

This concludes this week's "I hate idiot weather people rant." Join us next time when they predict another storm-castrophe. 



So at 04:25AM it finally did start snowing.

It is sticking a little now, so we'll see how accurate these weather people are.  This is their prediction from 11PM last night:


Will it snow or won't it?? 

I love snow probably more than anybody I know.  I am willing to fly into a storm with the risk of getting stuck in a blizzard.  So, with the possibility of getting another foot of snow in the DC area, I'm being trapped at work again!! This is not useful to my snow dream.  I want to be home so I can go up and down shoveling the snow and throwing snowballs into the falling snow. 

It is now 2AM and the weather people are still telling us it will snow.  This is the weather map:

which puts us clearly in the currently snow zone.  This the current weather temp outside:

To ensure that it's accurate, I went outside and watched it rain and get wet.  It is raining and it is not cold enough for snow!! I'm waiting for the cold front to show up. 


Guess the image day

NaBloPoMo Theme of the Day:  Show Me Fridays: upload an image to your blog where you get really close to an object. Make us guess what we're seeing.


Okay! What do you think THIS is?

and in honor of Dr. Suess's Birthday I had to post this. It's a photo of one of his actual paintings.

and since it is the end of NaBloPoMo I'll post another "guess what it is" photo. This one should be easy.

Send me your guesses! Happy Friday!


Dogs in Trucks

NaBloPoMo Theme of the Day:  Tell us about a picture you never snapped that you wish you had.


About 8 years ago I went to Montana with my mother, sister and family friend on holiday. We landed in Mezula, I remember, and drove west to Darby. Along the way we saw about 3 dozen pick-up trucks with dogs hanging out in the beds. Dogs DRUNK with happiness. Mostly wet, looking like they were on the canine equivalent of a Mardi Gras float. I WISH I had taken more photos of those dogs. I remember them often.